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Product Descriptions

Cremation Urns

Selection of a cremation urn is something you will do carefully and thoughtfully. It is my intent to offer an urn that is artistic as only wood can provide - warm and beautiful - shaped and crafted with care. It is meant to be a vessel worthy of holding the remains of someone you loved and a vessel you will be  pleased to display in your home. I prefer to use woods from Texas that are full featured yet elegant once finished – showing all the stresses and tensions and issues that the wood has endured. Every urn has a brass threaded insert incorporated into the lid for a reliable and secure closing. The lids I craft are often different from traditional urns with the intention of having the final piece seem more pleasing when on display. The inside of every urn will be sealed with either acrylic, oil or urethane.


In the description of each urn will be a cubic inch capacity which is needed to determine if an urn is of sufficient size. Generally the advice is 1 cubic inch of capacity for each pound of body weight prior to cremation. The services arranging the cremation can provide you with more specific guidance. You can always select an urn with greater capacity than needed if the characteristics are otherwise acceptable. 


There is usually room for some type of inscription on the bottom or under the lid or both. What I can provide is a freehand, burned-in inscription which might include a Bible reference, commemoration or anything else you prefer.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Urn 0622-2.JPG

Native American inspired Vessels

I am focusing on this style with beading-like features, inspired by Native American art. The beading is a cutting and burning process that channels the wood and then divides the wood into "beads" with a pyrography tool. A pattern is then determined and colored with ink and acrylic paint. This gives the wood a basket-like feature with Native American type patterns. The vessel shapes are primarily Southwestern style. The wood is usually Texas Mesquite. The intent is to add beautiful, colorful and precise patterns while preserving the knowledge that it is still a wood vessel with all it's character and appeal.

Basket Weave K1.JPG
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