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About David

David Bartell - Texas Wild Woods

My name is David Bartell. I live in Montgomery, Texas where I started woodturning and carving some years ago with a focus on Texas woods such as Mesquite and Pecan.


My favorite is Mesquite – a wood that is quite common in Texas. It is not often in high favor with landowners because it is gnarly and twisted, steals water from the ground and other plants, punctures equipment tires and grows everywhere. BBQer’s love the wood for smoking and woodturners love the wood for its inner beauty, variety in grain and color, and stability. Every piece has different characteristics. It lives a hard life and reveals that in it's features. It truly is one of God’s many wonders in His creation.


My passion is in bringing out the beauty of the wood. I only work with wood that has fallen, died or been cut down due to damage. I try to preserve and enhance as many of the natural features as possible. It is extremely gratifying to transform a fallen piece of wood into a keepsake that essentially brings it back to life for many years to come.  

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