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Hand made from Texas Mesquite. This is a large capacity wood cremation urn that  would be considered a Companion size urn. The capacity is 360 cu. in - it is likely able to handle the cremains of two adults. Certainly it can be considered for one individual as well. It stands 12" tall and is 9.5" wide. There is a decorative band around the top of the vessel and on the lid. These bands are cut and burned into the wood to give the impression of beads. The pattern is inked and painted and then sealed. The natural wood shows beautiful grain, sapwood portions and a small area of bark with turquoise inlay added. The vessel is finally finished with multiple coats of penetrating oil. The lid just lifts off but can be easily adhered with silicone sealer once cremains are added, if desired.

Beautiful Large Wood Companion Urn

SKU: 06013
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