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Cremation Urns

Celebrate the Wood


Trees are an essential and plentiful part of our world.- a miracle of Creation that sustains and betters our lives. We clearly see the many features of trees but it isn't until a tree falls, or is cutdown, that we may see what the underlying wood reveals. The inner wood is distinctive of the type of tree, showing its growth history and the stresses it experiences - the effects of insect attacks and the pressures of wind and weather and weight. Inside is where we find the hidden beauty - the treasure. When exposed and shaped on the lathe, or from grinding and carving, the wood is reborn - given new life as something to admire and display and enjoy for generations. My goal is to transition trees into treasure - to bring out the uniqueness of the wood and create a distinctive style that adds beautiful shape, features and color. The wood I primarily work with is Texas Mesquite. I specialize in creating urns and vessels, often with Southwestern shapes and beading like features. The Gallery selection showcases much of my work, past and present. The Shop button will take you to the portfolio that is currently available.


If you have any questions or requests please contact me.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cremation Urn
Mesquite Vase
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