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This is a piece called “Sound Off”. It is a first place category award winner in the early Spring 2020 LSAG Art Show in Conroe, Texas. Carved from a Mesquite branch junction and meant to preserve and highlight that feature of a tree. Underneath each branch reveals the stress lines that occur from the weight and movement of the branch. The two branches are joined by carving through from one side to the other. Some borer voids and stress cracks have been filled with a blend of synthetic and natural turquoise. The carving sits on a dowel that extends from the black lacquered Maple base. The piece can be lifted from or rotated on the base. Beautiful color and contrast. Finished with multiple coats of penetrating oil finish. Named, signed and dated on the bottom of the piece and base. 14” tall, 12.5” wide. 6 lbs.

Branch Junction Carving

SKU: 03004